Photo Canvas Wrapping Styles

There are several ways in which the sides of you photo canvas can be treated, as follows.

Traditional Wrap

Here the sides of the canvas are left blank. The full image is printed on the front.

Gallery Wrap

Here the image is wrapped around the sides of the canvas. This is great if the image can be enlarged without 'losing' too much of the key features around the sides. The image of the girl shows two 10"x14" canvases created from the same original image. This shows how much the image needs to be enlarged to allow a gallery wrap to occur. For example if you wanted a 10" x 14" canvas with gallery wrap we would enlarge the image to 14" x 18" to allow for the 2" deep sides all round.

Mirror Wrap

If the key image is too close to the sides and you want all the image on the front but with out the white sides then the mirror wrap may be an option. Here the edges of the photos are reflected and added to the sides. This allows all of the image to appear on the front of the canvas with complementary sides

Coloured Sides Wrap

We can colour the sides of the canvas to a complementary colour.

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Canvas Examples