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Protecting Your Photo Canvas

We have been framing and creating photo canvases for many years and one principle we stick to is the quality of the finished item. Its the reason we have so many repeat customers.

Over the years we have seen many changes in the technology used to create photo canvas from the canvas material used, the vibrancy and longevity of the inks and the output resolution of the printers. However in our opinion, despite how good the finished canvas looks it still needs protected and so still needs to be sealed.

There are many sources where you can have your photo put on canvas and there are basically three types of finish used.

The first is when its stated that they use water resistant canvas or don't mention what type of protection your canvas will receive. This usually means it won't receive any. They may give care instructions that tell you to be very careful when cleaning. If you accidently lightly scrape an area of this canvas you'll see how delicate they are.

The second type use a varnish. This does give more protection and at the start we also used this method however despite different varnishes and techniques we still weren't totally happy with the end result.

The last method is to heatseal the canvas. This is usually the technique employed by professional photographers or if the canvas is to be displayed in a public place as it will give the ultimate protection. This usually costs a lot more but at Abstract we treat all out canvases this way while still giving you an unbeatable price.

How it works

Heatsealing is where a micro thin membrane is bonded to the top of the canvas using a high pressure heat press. The membrane provides a barrier between the canvas and the elements while making the canvas more flexible it also makes it much tougher and resilient. Its micro thin structure allows the texture of the canvas to be maintained and it also adds additional uv protection.

So why doesn't everyone offer this if its so good. Well there are two main reasons. The first is that you need the equipment to be able to do this correctly. Many places selling canvas, especially online, have been set up on a budget to take advantage of the popularity of the photo on canvas trend and have not invested the capital to do it right.

The second reason is the cost of the heatseal. Many sources of photo on canvas consider price to be the only factor. This of course always helps when marketing the canvas, however while price is vital we feel it is not the only important factor. At the end of the day heatsealing may add a little to the price of your canvas but it adds vibrancy, protection and years to its life. Saying that our fully heatsealed prices are still cheaper than those who don't heatseal.

We have built our reputation on the quality of our work and know our customers appreciate the difference.

We Protect your Photo Canvas using the Ultimate Long Life Finish
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