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Photo to Oil Effect

Create a stunning oil effect from your favourite photos. This timeless effect can transform any portrait photo into a detailed and realistic oil painting.

This technique is not just a computer filter run on the photo. Real digital artists transform your photo to create art worthy of any wall. As the photo is the basis of the work the final result is very realistic as per the top portrait painters.

Before we finish your oil we can show you a sample proof so you know what the final image will look like. If you want to make minor changes to it at this stage its no problem.

An additional benefit of this technique is that the original photo does not need to be of the best quality. When people bring us photos for enlargement and printing we always advise on the quality of the finished piece if the original is slightly blurred or the colours or contrast are not great. With photo to oil effect these issues don't prevent you achieving a fantastic work of art.

As always you can decide on how you want the final image finished. You can have it in digital form, printed on top quality canvas or art paper, or have it as a stretched canvas or beautifully framed oil. Its your choice.

You may also be interested in our Pastel Effect for another similar stunning effect for your photo.

View oil samples in a side by side format. Click here

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Print it Big !

You can print you image large with this technique as the normal restraints of photo enlargement don't apply.

Image Quality

If your photo is not the best quality this effect is great as it only uses the original photo as a guide. So you can still have great results