Makeovers - You deserve to look your best ! (rollover for original)

Photo Makeovers - The Celebrity Effect

One of our most popular services, the photo makeover transforms a good portrait into a stunning portrait. Using advanced airbrushing techniques your photo receives the same treatment as celebrity photos for magazines or professional portrait photographers.

How many times is a good photograph spoilt by lighting conditions, camera settings or make up not quite right?. We can fix that.

Our Makeover Package fixes a range of common issues such as

  • Reduction or removal of wrinkles
  • Removal of blemishes such as spots or pimples
  • Teeth and eye whitening
  • Removal of grease , sweat and shine from skin
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Adjustment of facial lighting

The main goal of the makeover is to produce a natural looking photo. After applying our techniques we blend some of the original features creating a very realistic look.

We can also subtly reshape any part of the face to achieve more model like proportions if required.

But its cheating right ?

Not in our opinion. Many professional photographers apply these techniques to their portraits. And we've all seen how many celebrities look in real life as opposed to the magazines.

Our makeovers are about bringing out your best qualities.

The majority or our makeover projects are from normal photographs where you love the photo but just wish you could have looked a bit better. Now you can.

Whether you want a great framed photo or canvas or just want to post your image online you deserve to look your best!

One last point to remember is that you don't have to tell anyone the photo has been enhanced when they say "You look fantastic". Just like the celebrities it will be our secret !

Your Comments

I Love it. You made us look fantastic. Thank you so much
Mrs Green, Belfast.
Got Mum and Dads photo made over and put on canvas. Everyone loved it. Thanks.
John McVeigh, Belfast.
I've seen this quality of service at much greater prices. Couldn't beleive it. Well done.
- Mrs McCabe, Portrush.

Show It Off !

We can Professionally Print & Frame your image or create a stunning Canvas. When it looks this good you'll be glad to display it with pride.