Colour Restore - Put life back in your photos (rollover for original)

Photo Colour Conversions

Colour Fix

Colour can be the soul of an Image. You spend time with camera settings, lenses or lighting conditions and when a photo doesn't turn out right it can be a real let down.
Additionally older photos will loose their vibrancy over time either through natural degrading of the photographic paper or the effects of uv light.

At Abstract we will remove colour casts and restore the colour and brightness of faded images and enhance images that just need more punch.

Also have a look at our Artistic Effects section to see how manipulating the colour can turn a good photo into art.

Colour to Black & White Conversions

Change your colour photo into stunning black & white or subtle Sepia. Or Choose a colour key to match your current decor.

Instead of just removing colour we use conversion techniques which enhance the contrasts and mood of the image to create more striking black and white images.

Spot Colour Conversions

Instead of converting the whole image to Black & White a popular technique is to leave a key element of the image in colour. This enhances the element changing the focus of the photo. This can produce some very striking artistic images.

Black & White to Colour Conversions

Colourising an image can bring an old photo to live, invoking cherished memories or creating a thoughtful gift.