Imaging Price List

The following guide lists the prices for our imaging services. Some services require us to see your image and provide a free quote. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like a quote.

Service Price
Restoration £5.00 CopyPlus Enhancement
£10.00 for Bronze Repair
£10.00 for Silver Repair
£30.00 for Gold Repair
£45.00 for Platinium Repair
Makeover £15.00. £5.00 per additional face in the same image.
Manipulation We will provide a free quote on seeing you photo. Avarage price range is between £10.00 and £30.00
Colour Conversions Colour to B&W - £10.00 or FREE if image is framed or put on canvas with us.
Colour or B&W to Sepia / Colour Tone - £10.00 or FREE if image is framed or put on canvas with us.
B&W to Colour - £30.00
Photo to Oil £30.00 per face / subject
Photo to Pastel £30.00 per face / subject
Warhol Style £25.00

The above prices are for imaging services and we will provide you with a high quality jpeg image of the final image. If you need the image in a different format just specifiy this. Alternitavily if you would like the image printed on high quality long life photographic paper or canvas just add the printing price for the size you want as shown on the printing or canvas price list. If you would like the image framed call in and we will happily show you the range of options and give you a quote.

All prices include VAT.