Specialist framing equipment lets us finish your art to perfection

Framing Guide - Treatments

In addition to choosing a frame and mount for you picture there are a range of special treatments, depending on the item being framed, which can further enhance the picture.

A Smooth Finish

A lot of items being framed are paper based, such as posters, prints, photographs etc. One thing to consider with these items is the quality the are in. Unless stored properly, many paper based items can wrinkle or crack or possibly have creases in them. If this is the case then we recommend having the item bonded.

Bonding is a process of adhering the item onto backing under temperature using a high pressure press. The benefit of this is that it gives the art a superior look and can remove the majority of creases and wrinkles, if not all.

Additionally some items can have a tendency to ripple in a frame over time if not bonded and framed properly. This becomes very noticeable and distracting, taking away form the framed item.

All art prints displayed in our gallery are bonded to give the smooth ripple free professional look. Its one way to tell if an item has been framed correctly or simply placed into a ready made frame.


One situation when we would not recommend bonding an item down is if the item is valuable. Bonding, while providing a better look, could reduce the value of precious items. In situations such as this we would recommend using our conservation framing for the item, which uses different techniques.

At Abstract we value the quality of the finished item and we will guide you if we think it is important.