There are many picture mount styles availabe at Abstract

Framing Guide - The Picture Mount

A mount adds a border around the art to set it apart from the frame. The effect of this can be dramatic and change the overall appearance of the finished item.
Space plays an important part in art and design in general. Adding space with a mount gives more prominence to the art and a more pleasing effect overall to the finished picture.

For the majority of items being framed adding a mount will give a more pleasing and professional look to the picture. It shows the framing was designed for the picture.

The overall aim when choosing mounts is to draw the eye into the picture and not distract from it. Our experienced staff will give assistance and spend time helping you decide the right mount for your art.

There are various things to consider when choosing a mount for your picture.

The Colour

There are many different colours and textures of mount to choose. From subtle shades of white to bold reds or shiny gold's we offer a wide range.
During the design stage we will place the mounts around the picture to allow you to see how various colours can highlight and complement areas within it. Using single, double or triple mounts can create subtle combinations of colours that transform the overall picture and bring it to life. Mounts can transform a simple picture into a rich more complete professionally framed item.


Another great benefit of using mounts is that you can cut various openings in them. This can be as simple as cutting a rectangular opening beneath a picture to highlight a piece of writing or cutting multiple openings to create a montage of old photographs.

Whether cutting ovals or rectangles the techniques and machinery we use allow us to produce clean crisp cuts in the mounts to achieve any design you have in mind. Additionally all the mountboard we use is acid free to prevent any harmful chemicals leaching into your art over time.

This double mount uses the inner red mount to complement the red in the picture
Here a wider outer mount gives more emphasis to the art
Adding a mount gives a much more pleasing effect than framing directly around the art