Just two picture frame examples form the manyh styles available at Abstract.

Framing Guide - The Picture Frame

Obviously there are many different types and styles of frame to choose from and the first thing to consider is in what style you want the item framed. In many cases different frames complement the same art and there is more than one way to frame an item and still produce beautiful results.

When you bring an item to be framed we will discuss the various options with you and let you see the frames against your items to allow you to see how it will look.

In addition to how the frame complements the art you may also want the frame to blend with the environment in which it is to be placed, to match the room décor or other existing frames.

Whether you already know how you want the item to be framed or prefer to use our free design service and let our experienced staff suggest complementary options for you, rest assured that our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the final frame.

We have a large range of picture frames available in the gallery. Styles include Gold, Silver, Beech, Oak, Pine, Rosewood, Mahogany, Black, White, Coloured and many more... All with variations in profile and finish. We also stain, wax and varnish bare wood frames to offer you even more choice in finding the perfect frame.