Broken glass is no problem at Abstract. Give us a call

Picture Frame Repair

Accidents can happen. Glass breaks and frames can become scraped or damaged. This doesn't mean that you have to throw them out or put them away out of sight.

If you do have a damaged frame bring it to us and let us assess the damage for you. If you have broken the glass remove any obviously loose pieces carefully but don't remove any pieces that can't be simply lifted off as this can cause a scrape or cut on the picture. Keep the picture flat and bring it to us to remove the glass safely.

If the frame is damaged then it may be possible to simply 'touch in' the damaged areas using specialist finishing materials. If the damage is bad we can always reframe the picture reusing any glass or mounts that are not damaged.

And no, we won't shout at you if you didn't buy it from us. We'll be nice!