Wedding sugar flowers framed at Abstract
A framed dancing costume from Abstract
Framed sugar flowers from Abstract
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Framed wedding sugar flowers from Abstract

3D Framing at Abstract

The art of framing extends beyond 2 dimensional art such as paintings and prints. Framing items which are not flat requires creativity and experience and, as professional framers, this is an area we excel in. 3 Dimensional framing, as it is commonly known, employs techniques and materials that allow us to frame almost any item.

As the sole framer to one of Irelands leading official sports memorabilia suppliers, we regularly frame items from sporting shirts to caps, from clubs to oars. With literally thousands of 3D items framed over the past twenty years our experience means your items are framed securely to look fantastic.

Select an option from the right for details on specific 3D items however if there is anything not covered here which you would like to display and protect, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

The goal of 3d framing, like all framing, is to create a display for the item that is creative and protects the item for years to come.


With material framing the first thing we ensure is that the fabric will not move and is displayed properly with no creases. As part of the preparation we would normally either stretch the fabric around a frame or board or glue the fabric to a backing using special adhesives.

Additionally with some items, such as sports shirts, we would use hidden stitches to sow the item onto mountboard so that the entire item can be seen.

Once the item is properly secured then it can be framed using normal frames if it is thin enough or using 3D framing techniques if the thickness is greater than a normal frame rebate.

There are many examples of material framing we have completed include sports shirts, tapestries, needle works, dancing costumes, scarves, rugs and badges plus many more. If you have any query about framing an item just contact us or call in. Well be happy to discuss it.

Tip - when creating tapestries or needlework leave a good border around it. This makes it easier to stretch when getting it framed.

For these items a box is created which is deep enough to hold the item. We use different frames to create this effect with various sized box and swept frames. Any normal frame can then be put around the box and the use of coloured mountboard at the back and sides of the box lets any colour and design be created.

Another popular technique, if the item is being glazed, is to put a top mount under the glass which creates a shadow box effect. The item is held onto the back of the box using a variety of techniques such as sowing with thread or wire or using removable hot glue. The technique will depend on the weight of the item and how delicate and valuable it is.

Some of the things we have framed using these techniques include medals, coins, decoupage, sugar cake decorations, rocks, a dinosaur tooth, records, cd's, toys, models, flowers, masks, statues.


As well as creating a beautiful presentation an additional, often overlooked feature of framing is to protect the item being framed.

Many delicate items end up in boxes put away to keep them safe when they deserve to be shown off and enjoyed.
By framing these items you are both protecting and enhancing these items. Keeping them safe and showing them off!

At Abstract we will create the box frames required to protect the delicates you want to display, at a price that makes it well worthwhile.