Finding Art Made Easy

Finding the right image can be difficult at times. We know, we have helped many people over the years find the right image and we understand the frustrations involved. This is why we have developed a system to make the process a lot easier.

Our new powerful art comparison service lets you find the best price and the size you want for your art. Combining art from the top publishers, online and off, on one site gives you more choice when looking for art.

You have the following options.

  1. Search by Artist, Title or Subject.

    Simply enter your text into the search box at the top of the page to find all images relating to it. This can produce some interesting results as there are many instances where artists names and picture titles are spelt differently on different supplier sites. Following the links from the results can help find that elusive print you have been looking for.

  2. Search using the product id from our partner sites.

    If you have found an item on our partner sites which you like then take note (or copy and paste) the product id and enter it into our search box. We will then display the image in the results. Clicking on this will show all sizes and prices for the image from all suppliers. This powerful option means you don't have to go searching to find all the variations available for your image.

  3. Browse the art categories.

    Each art website will display categories to help you browse their images. With our categories we have deliberately reduced the number displayed to simplify the browsing process. All images displayed while browsing our categories are from our traditional art partners and not the images from our online partners. This keeps the number of images to around 25,000 which is easier to navigate through than the 500,000 available on our online partners sites.
    If you do want more images to browse through then by all means use the extended categories of our partners and if you find something you like you can check its options using the product id as explained above.

  4. Call In.

    If you are lucky enough to live near the gallery then call in and view the images we have on display or sit and browse our printed catalogues. You can discuss what you have in mind with us and we can advise of framing and finishing options available. We want you to enjoy the process so there is absolutely no pressure and you'll have a better understanding of what's available for you.

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9th Feb 2013