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The Ultimate Art Comparison Service

Buying art locally from us or buying online we will show you the best price from the best suppliers! All Free to you.

You know the story. You spend time looking for the right art for you walls and then wonder are you getting the best deal. You can check other sites or use the search engines to find out who sells it, but how do you know they are a reputable supplier. How many sites do you check to compare the price, and what about different sizes. We had the same problem.

At Abstract we have built the most powerful, comprehensive and up to date art print search facility. Several years ago we wanted to provide our customers with a way to view what was available in the art print market and allow them to compare what we sold with what they were buying online and bringing to us for framing. We did a lot of searching and there was no service of any quality which would allow this. So we built one!

We've done the hard work - you get all the benefits.

We check almost 1.5 Million art sizes and prices every week to produce a searchable art database of nearly 1/2 Million individual images. This makes us the most up to date print comparison service available. And its all free for you to use !

When you search for an image our results will show you the sizes available, the price range and the best places to buy.

We don't sell prints online, only in store, but we will show you where to get the best deal online and off.

Are We Mad ?

Why would we send you to another supplier to buy your print. Have we gone crazy ? Well we don't think so. Here are a few reasons.

1 - We are open and honest about our prices. Many people assume that when buying online things are cheaper, but this is not always the case. We know we are competitive on our print and framing prices and in many cases we are cheaper than the online prices. We just wanted to show you.

2 - We wanted a better search facility for our customers. Browsing our in store catalogues can be inspiring but if you know what you are looking for searching them can take time. As there wasn't a single source online with all this information in it we build one!

3 - We have customers who bring their online art purchase to us for framing so we know which sites people are buying from. We just want to show you there is a choice and you could buy the same item at a better price from a reputable source.

4 - We specialise in providing art for the home and business interior design markets. This means we stock and deal directly with the main publishers in this field. However we often get asked for a wide range of other styles, such as movie or music posters, and instead of just telling our customers where to search online we wanted to show them, in an easy to use format.

We don't just show the prints where we are cheaper. Our policy is to display the honest price. We hope you'll bring your art purchase to us for quality framing if you live near. If not we're still glad to be of service and hope by using our site you'll help us become the primary source for finding art online.

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